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  • Tools I Use

    Here’s a list of the various tools I currently use for electronics diagnosis and repair work. Soldering Scientific America ESD Anti-Static Table MatAmScope SE400-Z MicrosopeHakko FX-951 Soldering StationHakko FR-301 Desoldering ToolHakko FA-400 Fume ExtractorF2C 858D SMD Rework Hot Air Station Etepon 959T Soldering FluxSRA Rosin Paste FluxKester 44″ Rosin Core #66/44 0.8mm SolderFlush cutters, tweezers, […]

  • Tutorial: CRT Color Calibration for Video Games

    Last Updated: 1/4/2023 I’ve had a few people ask me for more details on the procedure for using a colorimeter to calibrate a cab CRT. Using a colorimeter is perfect for OCD people like me that want their displays calibrated to high standards with no “eyeballing it” or guesswork involved. Click here to see various […]