Repair: Capcom CPS3 #3 with Marqs HDMI mod

Status: Successfully repaired on October 29, 2021

In for repair was a Capcom CPS3 arcade board that had a Marqs HDMI mod installed by a prior technician. The board would no longer boot up.

First, I tried removing the HDMI mod board installation. The board booted up successfully and worked fine without it, so the mod was definitely the culprit.

I carefully redid the mod board installation, running fresh wiring for all the connections.

Unfortunately with the mod board reinstalled, the CPS3 once again wouldn’t start up. I started to suspect the mod board itself had catastrophically failed when I luckily noticed a small solder bridge across two pins on the mod board.

That was it! Removing the solder bridge restored full functionality and the board and HDMI mod now functioned properly.