Repair: Nintendo AV Famicom console

Status: Successfully repaired on March 15, 2020

In for repair was an AV Famicom that showed no life whatsoever when powered on. I confirmed the board was receiving power, so I checked the CPU with my logic analyzer (which is overkill BTW – I could have just used the logic probe).

The CPU was receiving power and clock pulses, but showed no signs of life after triggering the Reset line, so I ended up sourcing a replacement CPU from Ebay.

Installing the new CPU brought some life to things, but the graphics showed up corrupted and the game would quickly crash.

I installed sockets for the CPU and graphics RAM and the 74LS373, and installed fresh chips. That resolved the issue and the AV Famicom now functioned properly. It must have received a hefty electrical zap at some point to fry so many chips.