Repair: Sammy Seta Visco SSV Multi arcade PCB

Status: Successfully repaired on 7/16/2022

I purchased this SSV 4-in-1 Multi ROM board for the shmups on it – Change Air Blade, Vasara, Vasara 2 and Ultra X Weapons. They are available from AliExpress (China).

The glue residue on the flash chips was there when the board arrived – the creator utilizes preused flash chips.

Unfortunately the board arrived with poor solder joints which caused glitches in the background tiles.

Repairing the board was as simple as adding fresh solder to all of the SMD joints. Not a difficult fix but it’s annoying to have to do that with a board sold as “new” – obviously quality control is a bit lacking. It’s not just me either – several other folks ordering these Multis have encountered the same issue. Buyer beware…