Video: MiSTercade Setup and Configuration Tutorial

Originally published on YouTube on November 12, 2021

A tutorial on the settings, configuration and setup of the MiSTercade add-on produced by MiSTerAddons. The MiSTercade makes it easy to connect a MiSTer FPGA retro gaming system to a JAMMA arcade cabinet.

00:00 Review of MiSTercade settings and ports
13:33 Attaching the MiSTercade PCB to the Terasic DE-10 Nano baseboard
19:55 Flashing MicroSD card with MiSTer OS image
28:01 Downloading the update_all script and copying it to the MicroSD card 30:50 Connecting MiSTer to WiFi Internet and executing the update_all script 35:32 Downloding MiSTercade-specifc files and copying them to the MicroSD card
42:27 Connecting MiSTercade to a JAMMA arcade cabinet with horizontal display
51:38 MiSTer configuration changes for vertical display
53:25 Connecting MiSTercade into a JAMMA arcade cabinet with vertical display

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