Video: Irem M72 Multi Installation Tutorial

Originally published on YouTube on 1/27/2019

The Irem M72 Arcade Multi was developed by Apocalypse and allows you to play 12 of Irem’s best classic games on the original arcade hardware.

The Irem M72 Multi plays the following games: Air Duel, Battle Chopper, Dragon Breed, Armored Police Unit Gallop, Hammerin’ Harry, Image Fight, Legend of Hero Tonma, Lightning Swords, Ninja Spirit, R-Type, R-Type 2, and X-Multiply.

The kit requires an original Irem M72 arcade game to use as a donor. Any M72 game except R-Type will work as a suitable donor.

In this video, I cover the complete process of installing the M72 Multi including preparing the donor board, installing the Multi connector boards, programming the EPROMs, and reassembling the completed unit.

There’s a list of M72 games here:…

Written installation instructions for the kit are here:…

Shout out to Mitsurugi-X of Walsdawg Arcade for manufacturing and selling the Irem M72 Multi. More information on his projects here:…

This is my first YouTube video, so I apologize for the hand-held camera and rough cuts.