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I’m ShootTheCore, a video game zealot who’s been self-teaching himself how to repair retro video game consoles and arcade boards for the last several years.

This site is a central repository for repair blogs, written tutorials and videos on the various projects I’ve worked on so that other technicians can hopefully benefit from both my successes and failures.

As a self-taught enthusiast, I stand on the shoulders of the giants that came before me. I’ve learned so much from reading and viewing the repair blogs and videos produced by other technicians. Please check out the other sites linked in the Recommended Resources page for other knowledge sources I’ve learned from and recommend.

Comments are disabled on this blog so I don’t have to fight spam, but feel free to reach out to me. I welcome comments and constructive criticism.
Twitter: @_ShootTheCore

DISCLAIMER: I am a self-taught, amateur electronics enthusiast who learns as he goes along. None of the information on this site should be considered “the best way” to accomplish the given task – it’s only what worked for me. I am in no way responsible if you break your own electronics when following advice or procedures given on this site.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t contact me about repairing your electronics. I am currently backlogged for several months and am not taking on any additional work at this time.

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