Repair Log: Namco NB-2 Outfoxies arcade PCB #2

Status: Successfully Repaired on 4/16/2022

In for repair was a Namco Outfoxies arcade board.

The game booted up and played fine with one player, but in two player mode Left, Down, and Button 1 wouldn’t work for Player 2.

Tracing the Player 2 control signals from the JAMMA connector, I discovered that they stopped almost immediately at a ceramic EFI filter close to the JAMMA edge.  The filter had a crack running through it, disrupting the circuits. 

The ceramic part separated completely when I desoldered it from the board.

A replacement part is hard to source these days, but fortunately the Outfoxies base PCB has an extension connector for Player 3 and Player 4 on the board edge that Outfoxies doesn’t use since it’s only a 2 player game. Therefore, I moved one of the unused filter parts from the FL3 position on the P3 & P4 connector over to the main JAMMA connector and all the Player 2 controls now function properly.

Namco boards that use surface-mounted capacitors are also notorious for having those caps leak, so I also replaced all the electrolytic capacitors on the board.