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  • Repair Log: Capcom CPS3 arcade PCB #1

    Status: Repaired successfully between February 13, 2021 and March 9, 2021. I purchased a Capcom CP3 arcade board untested at a discount from Yahoo Auctions Japan. Protip: Never buy untested electronics. When the board arrived, I attempted to boot it up, but received an “EPROM ERROR” message. Researching the board, it turns out that CPS3 […]

  • Repair Log: Sega System 18 arcade PCB

    Status: Returned to owner still malfunctioning on 3/24/2023. Diagnostics started on 12/19/2022 In for repair is a Sega System 18 board, home to a handful of Sega classics such as Shadow Dancer, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker and Alien Storm. System 18 is a enhanced version of the System 16 board, but while System 16 has schematics […]

  • Repair Log: Namco NB-2 Outfoxies arcade PCB #2

    Status: Successfully Repaired on 4/16/2022 In for repair was a Namco Outfoxies arcade board. The game booted up and played fine with one player, but in two player mode Left, Down, and Button 1 wouldn’t work for Player 2. Tracing the Player 2 control signals from the JAMMA connector, I discovered that they stopped almost […]

  • Repair Log: Taito G-Net arcade PCB

    Status: Successfully Repaired on 1/31/2022 I’ve had a Taito G-Net board sitting in the repair queue for a few months, and I finally tackled it this weekend. This board had an issue where Coin 1 was shorting to Ground, causing games to constantly reboot with a Coin Error message. Enabling DIP Switch 4 lets you […]

  • Repair Log: Irem M92 arcade PCB

    Status: Unsuccessful Repair due to failed Nanao custom. Diagnosed from 11/28/2022 – 12/7/2022 I got a good deal on a Gun Hohki Irem M92 PCB because it booted up with errors. On M92, the main CPU, graphics rendering hardware, sound synth, sound amp, system RAM are all on the top board. The bottom board holds […]

  • Repair Log: Irem M72 arcade PCB

    Status: Repaired Successfully Between 4/26/2021 – 6/22/2021 Received for repair this Irem M72 board stack labeled as Legend of Hero Tonma. It would boot to a corrupted screen. Checking around the EPROMs, I noticed two things immediately:1) The ROMs and MCU are labeled for Image Fight, not Tonma.2) Some of the ROMs were installed in […]