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  • Video: Capcom CPS1 Multi Installation

    Originally published on YouTube on May 20, 2022 Overview and installation of the Darksoft CPS1 Multi, which allows you to play all the CPS1 and 1.5 (QSound) arcade games from one board. The passive heatsink I use on the CPS1-A-01 custom chip is 22x22x10mm in size. The written manual for the CPS1 Multi is available…

  • Video: MiSTercade Setup and Configuration Tutorial

    Originally published on YouTube on November 12, 2021 A tutorial on the settings, configuration and setup of the MiSTercade add-on produced by MiSTerAddons. The MiSTercade makes it easy to connect a MiSTer FPGA retro gaming system to a JAMMA arcade cabinet. 00:00 Review of MiSTercade settings and ports13:33 Attaching the MiSTercade PCB to the Terasic…

  • Video: Toaplan Fire Shark – Diagnosing a bad ROM chip using a logic probe

    Originally published on YouTube on November 8, 2019 This Fire Shark arcade board had sprite corruption issues. I diagnose the issue using a logic probe, then swap the faulty mask ROM out for the equivalent EPROM.

  • Video: Sega System 16 Multi OLED Selector – Installation

    A brief follow-up to my Sega System 16 Multi tutorial video – adding an OLED Game Selector. These selectors used to be produced by frank_fjs on the Arcade Projects forum and similar selectors from other enthusiasts are available now. Highly recommended to all System 16 Multi owners.

  • Video: Nintendo Donkey Kong Logic Probe Pulsing

    Just a short video showing how a logic probe on the sound CPU pulses in sync to the audible sound effect. I just thought it was funny / cool.

  • Video: Namco System 1 Multi Installation Tutorial

    Originally published on YouTube on 1/27/2019 Detailed instructions on installing the Namco System 1 Multi arcade kit. You can get one of your own at the Arcade Projects forum. Note that you may need to also purchase an DQ2816A-250 EPROM depending on what the donor board uses – see video for details.

  • Video: Irem M72 Multi Installation Tutorial

    Originally published on YouTube on 1/27/2019 The Irem M72 Arcade Multi was developed by Apocalypse and allows you to play 12 of Irem’s best classic games on the original arcade hardware. The Irem M72 Multi plays the following games: Air Duel, Battle Chopper, Dragon Breed, Armored Police Unit Gallop, Hammerin’ Harry, Image Fight, Legend of…

  • Video: JVC X’Eye TMSS Hang Repair

    Originally published on YouTube on October 10, 2019 This JVC X’Eye had an issue where it would hang on a black screen after displaying the power on “Produced or Licensed By Sega” prompt. I cover diagnosing the issue using a logic analyzer, then swap the faulty component (the Z80 sound processor) for a new one.…

  • Video: Pioneer LaserActive NEC PC-Engine PAC Capacitor Replacement

    Originally published on YouTube on February 15, 2019 This is one of my earliest videos where I go over the procedure for replacing the capacitors in a NEC PC Engine PAC module for a Pioneer LaserActive. The caps in these units are notorious for leaking and damaging the PCB traces.

  • Video: Sega CD Diagnostics

    Originally Published on YouTube on 5/30/2020 I outline the process of troubleshooting a Sega CD, including continuity testing, voltage reading, logic probes, reading the schematics, and using a logic analyzer to see the assembly language executing on the CPU. Thanks to Leo Oliveira for his help with deciphering 68000 assembly language and explaining the Sega…